Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Ultrasonic Vapor De-greasing Unit

Our Vapor de-greasing equipment is specifically tailored to cater to the requirements of precision cleaning in various industries such as industrial parts manufacturing, aerospace, precision automotive parts, heavy vehicle workshops, coils, and engine rebuilding units’ maintenance units.

In this process, a liquid solvent is heated until it turns into vapor. The contaminated parts are then exposed to this vapor, which condenses back into liquid form, effectively washing away dirt and contaminants from the surfaces of the components. The condensed solvent is drained back into the liquid solvent solution, ensuring an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning process.

Our Vapor de-greasing equipment offers a reliable and effective solution for achieving pristine cleanliness in critical applications, providing the desired level of precision cleaning necessary for industries that demand top-notch results.

Model No.

Equipment Size

Heater Kw

UHPL / VD / 1200

1300 mm x 850 x 1400 mm

1 Kw

Tank Material: The tank is made up of Stainless-steel SS 304 with Mirror finishing in which the sharp corners are done with surface preparation.

Tank Capacity: 45- 50 Ltrs (Can be customized suitably as per client requirement)

Basket Size: 450 x 450 x 300 mm (L x W x H). Can be customized suitably

Ultrasonic System: 1000 Watts – 2000 Watts with frequency of 37- 40KHz. The ultrasonic transducer will be PZT type which will be mounted on bottom of tank

Float Switch: There will be SS float level indicator to see the level of the tanks to protect the transducers. The operating temperature will be 60 -65 degrees which can be adjustable

Condensing cooling coils: There will be a cooling coil provided for trapping the fumes with inlet & outlet connections. The diameter of coils will be of ¾” with 4 to 6 turns

Water Separator: The water separator is provided to recollect the fumes and also to separate solvent and water

Insulation: Insulation is done to avoid heat losses

Lid: Suitable hinges with lid is provided

Cleaning Media : Trichloro Ethylene (or) suitable compatible media is preferable Inlet & Drain: The inlet will of ½”BSP with Nipple connection whereas the drain shall be ½” BSP with ball valve


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