High Pressure Waterjet Cleaner

Cold Waterjet Cleaning Machine

We are one of the leading water jet cleaning machine supplier & our High Pressure Cold Water Jet Cleaner consists of high pressure triplex plunger pump that generates high pressure water jet

Diesel Fired Hot Waterjet Cleaning Machine

We are one of the leading high pressure water jet cleaning machine manufacturer in India. Diesel Hot Water Jet Cleaner machine are best at jobs where perfect answer for some of the complex cleaning applications

Electric Hot Waterjet Cleaning Machine

This Rotary AHU filter cleaning machine is designed to handle four filter in a single cycle. High cleanness level achieved in this machine

Flame Proof High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner

Ultramax Hydrojet water jet cleaner machine is specifically designed for Pharma Active Bulk drug cleaning application like Clean room application, reactor and Centrifuges

GLR Reactor Cleaning Equipment

Ultramax hydrojet provides GLR Reactor cleaning system for the pharma cleaning application. The water jet cleaner self-rotating nozzle

Hydro Blaster

Ultramax Hydrojet Hydro blaster is widely used water jet cleaning machine to clean tanks, boilers, remove paint, and perform numerous maintenance functions.

Single Phase Waterjet Cleaner

The High Pressure Cold Water Jet Cleaner is meticulously engineered to cater to a wide range of applications in various industries. It harnesses the power of high-pressure water to effectively tackle challenging cleaning tasks, including heavy dirt, grime, and contamination from machinery surfaces.

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