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Trolley Mounted Sewage Evacuation Machine

Certainly, your company provides Trolley Mounted Sewage Evacuation Machines tailored for the purpose of effectively removing solid waste from the toilet tanks of railway passenger cars. This specialized solution ensures proper sanitation and hygiene within the railway environment, enhancing the overall comfort and convenience of passengers during their journeys. The trolley-mounted design enhances mobility and accessibility, making the process efficient and seamless. This service undoubtedly plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

  • High Pressure Pump
  • Electric Motor and its Control panel
  • Easy Moveable SS 304 Trolley
  • High Pressure with Trigger gun
  • Special Type of Nozzles for various type of Cleaning Requirement.
  • Pressure Regulating & Safety Valve Devices.
  • Cleaning of Toilets
  • Bio Toilet Tanks in Railway
  • Passenger car
  • Removing of solid waste from Toilet storage tank
  • Segregating solid waste from liquid inoculum
  • Liquid with Inoculum can Re-pump into the Toilet storage tank, if required
  • The pump we are using is Rubber Lobe pump which has high vacuum pressure with high flow rate
  • The pump works on both directions
  • The Equipment is easily portable & having accessible to use in platform area
  • Single phase power supply is sufficient with 3 HP
  • Light weight transparent GRP Tank with segregation for both solids & liquids
  • Easy camlock coupling are used for connecting Inlet /Outlet & hoses
  • Separate carbon filter will be connected to the Tank to avoid foul smelling & odour
  • Improves the Hygiene of Toilets in Railway passenger cars
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