Component Cleaning Machine

Revolving Small Parts Cleaning Machine

Ultramax presents two types of small parts component cleaning machines: the Automated Revolving Parts Cleaning Machine and the Rotary Drum Parts Washer. These machines offer an economical and efficient solution for high-volume washing, rinsing, and drying of small and tiny metal parts, fasteners, fittings, rubber components, stamped parts, screw machine parts, and small die-cast parts, among others.

The dual action cleaning process of these machines combines highly effective spray cleaning for the exterior surfaces and immersion cleaning to thoroughly flush the inside of the parts under the solution. The design of these machines prioritizes high productivity, catering to cleaning small parts in high volume while occupying minimal floor space and requiring low power consumption. They are also known by various names, including Revolving Parts Washer, Small Parts Washer, Small Parts Cleaning & De-Greasing Machine, and Parts Washing & De-Greasing Machine. With Ultramax’s small parts component cleaning machines, customers can achieve efficient and reliable cleaning results, enhancing productivity and efficiency in various industrial applications.

The parts are cleaned using a powerful spray washing action for scrubbing the exterior surfaces combined with immersion agitation for flushing out the inside of blind holes, hollow and tubular parts for a complete tumbled cleaning.

  • Spray washing
  • Dunking
  • Immersion flood wash
  • Ultrasonic (optional)
  • Agitation
  • Compressed air blowing
  • Hot air blowing
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Mist Collector
  • Automatic Door open & Close
  • PLC with HMI Logic
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Additional component Basket
  • Water level control
  • Gravity filter for chips collection
  • SS wash booth
  • Washing pump
  • Ball valve with Pneumatic actuator
  • Pressurized On line Filtering system
  • Compressed air blowing
  • Hot air blowing
  • 10 kg to 30 Kg load carrying capacity.
  • Pump pressure 5 to 8 bar.
  • Complete wetted parts in SS 304.
  • PLC Controlled Panel.
  • 9 Kw Electric immersion heaters.
  • SS Spray nozzle.
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