High Pressure waterjet cleaner

High-pressure Cold Water Jet Cleaner

The High-Pressure Cold-Water Jet Cleaner is purposefully designed to cater to various cleaning applications across industries. This specialized cleaner utilizes high-pressure water to effectively tackle challenging cleaning tasks, including heavy dirt, grime, and contamination from machinery surfaces. With its environmentally friendly process, the High-Pressure Cold-Water Jet Cleaner ensures efficient and sustainable cleaning, making it a cost-effective solution for industrial cleaning needs. This powerful cleaning equipment provides reliable and thorough cleaning results, enhancing cleanliness and hygiene in diverse industrial settings while also promoting environmental responsibility.

  • High Pressure Pump
  • Electric Motor and its Control panel
  • Easy Moveable SS 304 Trolley
  • High Pressure with Trigger gun
  • Special Type of Nozzles for various type of Cleaning Requirement.
  • Pressure Regulating & Safety Valve Devices.
  • Hot water high pressure cleaner
  • Heavy duty hot water jet cleaning machine
  • High pressure hot water jet cleaner
  • High pressure jet washer
  • Hot water pressure jet
  • Electric hot waterjet cleaning machine
  • Electrical heating hot water jet cleaner
  • High Pressure Hot washer

This is the machine is specially designed to use Hot water spray by heating with electrically immersion heaters to clean heavy stickiness contamination.

  • Spray gun with heat proof extension
  • High Pressure hose 10 mtr with QRC
  • Temperature Switch
  • Glycerin filled Pressure Gauge
  • High Pressure steel Nozzles
  • Heating Tank with elements
  • Control Panel              
  • Trolley wheels fixed to swivel
  • Rotary turbo nozzle
  • Tube cleaning nozzle
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